Leaving the Nest

My dad walked into my room the other day while I was sitting at the computer.  He started picking pictures up off my dresser.

“Hey dad, what are you doing?”

“Oh, just thinking about what it’s going to be like when you’re gone.”


Thinking about this now makes me want to laugh and cry simultaneously.

I know it’s going to be hard, I’m the oldest (and the best! har har), I’ve never really left home permanently before.  I was away at college for 4 years, but I came back home during the summer, Northern Michigan might as well be a different country, but it still is only 8 hours away.  I was in Australia for 6 months, I had planned on staying on year when I left and we all survived that.

I guess it doesn’t really help that my entire family except for two cousins ever made their way out of Minnesota.  And I know it’s hard now and maybe it seems like a good idea for me just to inhabit the basement forever (as long as I get a marketing job with health benefits), but England really isn’t that far away.

Especially with Skype, the internet, international calling plans, a 10 hour plane ride is nothing compared to the 28+ hours I spent on planes and in airports on Australia trip #1.  And there’s a good possibility that Dan and I will come back to the states one day.  I’m sure he will not want to be deprived of the pure awesomeness that is the U.S.A.

So don’t worry dad, I promise when we come back to visit that I’ll still need to use your car and beg for gas money.  It’ll be like I never left ❤


About Mandy

29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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