I’m Here!

Just going to do a quick post since it’s noon here and I’m still in bed (I still have jetlag as a valid excuse though).  The flight from Chicago was ridiculously short, less than 45 minutes, then I had a two hour layover in O’Hare.

Got on the plane to Heathrow which was pretty much empty, had a seat and a half to myself (no in flight movies though).  We ended up leaving about an hour later than we were supposed to because of rain storms around Chicago.  But then it only took 6 and a half hours to get to London so we still arrived on time, 15 minutes early actually.  But then I got stuck in the line for customs for about an hour.  That went relatively smoothly once the immigration officer realized I had a fiance visa and that I didn’t just come over to try and marry any English guy I met while on holiday…”You can’t just come over here and get married…”.

I was so happy to see Dan, it’s strange everytime I see him again because it feels like we haven’t been apart at all.  And those 4 months that were so hard to get through just aren’t there anymore.

Because of the line at customs we had missed the last bus that went to our hotel, but luckily one of the drivers that Dan spoke with offered to take us there anyway.  Dan’s roommate, Andy, came and picked us up and drove use back to Bournemouth.  The flat is really nice and Dan and I managed to unpack most of my things yesterday.  Did have a suitecase full of broken glass that was fun to pick through due to a picture frame casualty, but that was the only thing that broke so I guess I was lucky there.

Dan is at work today and I might do some shopping, I guess the shops are about a 5 minute walk away from the flat so hopefully I won’t manage to get myself lost.  Miss and love you all!


About Mandy

29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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4 Responses to I’m Here!

  1. alex says:

    I’m glad you go there safe and without any problems!! I already miss you!!

  2. Lee and Lynne Warzecha says:

    Hi Mandy-glad to see you made it safe and sound. Sorry we didn’t make the gathering last Wed. and didn’t call to say goodbye. Time just went by too fast. You sound very happy. Just wanted to say Good Luck, keep in touch and we will check your blog to see how you are coming along. Talk at you later then – Love, Uncle Lee and Aunt Lynne
    PS – Always remember where home is!!

    • penguinspam says:

      Hi Uncle Lee and Aunt Lynne!
      Thank you! The last week kind of flew by for me too so I understand. I’m glad you found my blog, I’m going to try to keep it updated as much as possible! Love you and miss you!

  3. DAD says:

    glad you made it ok…………………………………………but……………………………………………….are you ready to come home yet…..lybt…Dad 🙂

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