Being Productive

If everything goes according to plan, Dan and I will be getting married here on September 20th.

We’re scheduled to get married at Bournemouth Townhall at 2:00pm on September 20th.  Next Friday we have to take the train up to Winchester so we can give notice the 15 days in advance.  I have a feeling September is going to be a busy month for us.  Between my birthday outing to Bath and getting married, we will also be taking a trip to visit Dan’s dad and his wife at some point during the month before they head back to Australia.

Now that we have our marriage scheduled, I had to start looking into booking an appointment to get my FLR, the next step in getting my dual citizenship.  I had already heard horror stories online about how there are never any appointments available for a premium appointment, but after some frantic back and forth calling and texting with Dan while he was at work today we managed to get an appointment on October 1st for my application.

It costs quite a bit more to do an in person appointment (it costs quite a bit to begin with anyway…), but it means I will get a same day response and be able to start working right away rather than waiting 2-3 months for my application to process.  Something that will make both Dan and I much happier, haha.  So exciting things!

On a side note, I did some shopping/browsing on Tuesday in some of the shops around the centre.  I wanted a new pair of skinny jeans and maybe some flats.  It was quite the experience, first off the saleswoman converted my US size wrong and gave me a UK size that was actually 3 sizes too small.  Once I figured out my actual UK size after much trying of things on, I couldn’t find longs anyway.  Then I realized most UK fashion shops don’t carry shoes sizes over a US 6, I’m an 8 1/2.  I know my feet aren’t the smallest, but I didn’t think I had overly large feet where I wouldn’t be able to find my shoe size in a store.  Oh well, I like my gigantic man feet England, they keep me from falling over 😛


About Mandy

29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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5 Responses to Being Productive

  1. Mom says:

    Are you kidding me. If you can’t find shoes there, I could definately never live there.
    And 3 sizes too small for you. Realllllllllly? Just how small do they make clothes in the UK? Love and miss you! Mom

  2. poddys says:

    Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding in the town where I grew up.

    I actually moved to Indiana in 1994, to Florida 12 years later, then met a girl (via the internet) who I fell in love with, and even though I had just got my US Citizenship, we were having visa problems with her, so I moved back to the UK a year ago and am now living in Southampton.

    Good luck with your dual citizenship application. It is a real mess over here as it is in the USA too.

  3. Jade Adamson says:

    Uhhh.. Mandy?!!!!! If ur feet are gigantic man feet then what do you call my feet or gramma’s or jennie’s feet?? Hmmmmmm?
    I wear size 11 in US

    Miss you but seriously jk, 🙂 jade

    • penguinspam says:

      I don’t know Jade, maybe they just don’t drink enough milk around here, haha 🙂

      Love you and miss you too! ❤

  4. Alex says:

    so… about this foot thing, i was reading about colonial america, and how the people grew taller over 100 years because they had a much better diet than the people in the “home land” and generally speaking taller people have bigger feet (i am the exception to this statement, with my flintstone feet and dwarven stature)– i realize that modern day england probably eats just fine, but maybe this is a contributing factor? i dunno. i thought about your shoe problem when i was reading though.

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