Daytrip to Swanage

When Dan and I woke up on Saturday, the sun was out in full force.  Which meant an outing of some sort.  While I was getting ready to go, Dan packed us a lunch and had apparently found something for us to do.  So we walked down through the gardens and ended up at the area where the buses stop and waited.  Eventually we boarded one of the open topped double decker buses and made our way to Swanage.

The bus ride was amazing, the sun was shining and the view was great from the top deck.  We went through Sandbanks, an area near Bournemouth where there’s a lot of expensive real estate, huge beautiful houses.  And the beach where you can watch people kite boarding and in their sailboats.

After winding through Sandbanks, the bus made its way to the ferry and we crossed over to Studland.  While we were going through the countryside to Swanage, a menacing looking dark cloud began forming behind us.  Luckily, it never reached Swanage, but you can see from some of the photos that it got quite dark out.

This is the Swanage Methodist Church, most of the buildings in town were the original architecture.  Even the sidewalks had a lot of the original cobblestone.

After walking through town and exploring some of the shops, Dan and I made our way down to the coastline.

Swanage was a quarry site so you could some of the places along the beach where stone had been removed.  It is also a Jurassic coastline so that kind of gives you an idea of how old the entire place is.

Dan and I walked up along one of the walking trails and went down to the boat yard.  It was beautiful, but the stench of rotting seaweed was not so captivating.

We saw someone’s Reliant Robin (some weird 3 wheeled English car from the 70s) painted like the General Lee…

And I rescued a snail (and you can see my engagement ring bling, haha)!

Dan got this really cool shot of an old bell tower.  And more coastline…

Had to ask someone to take our photo so we could have one of both of us, that’s the trouble when there’s only two of you!  Or you get creative with the camera timer.

After walking around a bit, Dan and I headed to one of the pubs in town and had a Piddle (teehee).  Piddle being a local ale from Dorset.  For anyone not schooled on the difference between typical beers and ales, ales are flat, no carbonation.  We also tried one of the local ciders, I was not so big a fan of the cider.  It’s very dry and not sweet at all, nothing like Strongbow.  We finished off our evening in Swanage by enjoying some really amazing fish and chips on the beach.  Like really amazing, I was in fish and chip heaven, haha.

We hopped back on the bus and got to see this breathtaking view of the sunset as we were waiting to board the ferry.


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7 Responses to Daytrip to Swanage

  1. Mom says:

    Looks very gorgeous! It was nice to see some pictures of you and Dan together.
    You two look very cute together. Love you both!

  2. Lynne Warzecha says:

    Beautiful pictures ~ thanks for sharing. Enjoy while you can before you find a job and have to work! Sounds like you are doing good. Take Care ~ Aunt Lynne

  3. Burton Grannes says:

    The pictures are gorgeous – What a pretty country! Tomorrow we are going to the lake
    and will stay for Labor Day. Had another 90 degree plus day again today. It’s been SO hot! I will not have
    access to my computer for a few days so will wish you a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” now. Have a
    great day.
    Love, Grandma & Grandpa

  4. Alex says:

    England is *so* beautiful! You’re so lucky! I’m glad you’re getting out and having fun! Miss you tons!!

  5. Lynne Warzecha says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Mandy! Hope you spend your day doing something fun. Uncle Lee had some cake and ice cream today and we thought of you. Take care and lots of love to you ~ Aunt Lynne and Uncle Lee

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