Birthday in Bath

Yesterday I turned 24, which actually wasn’t a whole lot different from turning 23.  Except I guess for the fact that when I turned 23, I woke up at 5 am, made myself some jam toast before heading out to work in the zucchini fields for 8 hours.  Specifically that day getting covered in smelly fertilizer mud due to a mud fight in the sweet potato fields.  I did get to spend both birthdays with Dan though.  Last year, we made curry at the hostel and sat on our front porch drinking Sol out of mugs due to the no alcohol policy.

This year, Dan outdid curry on the porch quite a bit.

I woke up and had breakfast in bed (tea and buttered crumpets, haha).  Then Dan and I got ready to head out, Bath is about an hour and a half drive from Bournemouth.  Steve had loaned us his car, the drive out was beautiful, the little English roads winding through the countryside.  We arrived in Bath and wandered through the town towards the Roman baths.  While I finished my coffee before we could go in a large tour group got in front of us so we decided to visit the abbey before going in to try to avoid the crowds.

If you want to read some of the history about the abbey, it can be found here.  Building began at the site in 675 and the church is still active today.

52% of the building is made of stained glass windows depicting scenes from the life of Jesus.

It’s absolutely massive inside.

And the architecture was amazingly intricate.

After the abbey, we made our way back to the Roman baths, we had to wait in the reception hall before entering the actual museum.

Once inside we entered the terrace about the original baths, the terrace and sculptures around the terrace were created some time in the 1800s, but the baths themselves date back to 60-70 AD.

Here are some fragments of the Gorgon Head from the entrance of the original temple.

And here is the spring room where the water flows into the rest of the baths.  The water flowing is from hot springs.

Dan and I got our “ask a stranger to take a photo of us” shot in front of the main bath (boo to those kids who got in the frame, haha).

There were other rooms off the main bath, the steam rooms, the furnace room, the cold pool where bathers would jump in after using the steam rooms and hot baths.  This room had the floor removed to show the tiles underneath that created air flows to heat the floor.

After exploring the rooms, we made our way out to the modern pump room.  You can show the server your museum ticket and get a glass of the spring water that runs through the bath.  Dan and I had to try it, it wasn’t that good, it was warm first of all and tasted metallic, but apparently it can cure leprosy so it must be good for you!

After the museum, we had a picnic lunch in the square near the abbey and baths and then visited the Victoria art gallery for a while.  Eventually we made our way to the Thermae Bath Spa.  There we had a two session to use the thermal pool, steam rooms, and rooftop pool.  There are 3 floors in the spa and we started on the first floor with the thermal pool that also contains a jacuzzi.

I think my favorite part was the steam rooms.  They had four different aromatherapy steam rooms, mint, lavender, eucalyptus and mint, and frankincense.  Dan and I tried them all, haha.  In the middle of the room containing the four steam rooms, there was a huge waterfall shower.  There were also foot baths and hot and cold showers.  We didn’t take this picture, but this is the spa’s shot of the steam rooms.

The rooftop pool was also amazing.  You had a view of Bath, the abbey, everything.  It was beautiful.

We left the spa and headed to the secret dinner location, which ended up being Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant.  The food was so amazing, the wait staff, menu, and ingredients are all handpicked by Jamie Oliver.  We started off with some of the best bruschetta I have ever tasted, I had lamb chop lollipops with mint sauce (I have developed a serious lamb chop addiction by the way), Dan had a steak, and we ended the meal with a raspberry amaretto brownie with bourbon vanilla ice cream.

On our way home we stopped to take a picture of the city.  Also happened to stop next to a sheep pasture…

Dan kept telling them that I had just eaten their baby.  This one was not amused.


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One Response to Birthday in Bath

  1. Mom says:

    Hey Kiddo,
    Remember how I said I really didn’t have a desire to go to England.
    I think I was wrong. Every time you put up pictures of your adventures I see more reasons to spend some time there. I would love to see the Abbey someday. It looks like you and Dan are amazingly happy! I am so glad to see that! I think you definately found your “Keeper”. Love you Both

    Mom(or should I say Mum)

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