Civil Ceremony

During the ceremony before our vows.

Officially married after signing the wedding register!  (Dan and I didn’t want music during our ceremony, but the wedding registrar said it was best to have it while we were signing so there wasn’t dead silence.  Unfortunately, the stock music that the office had was not the best so there was an instrumental version of this playing while we were signing.)

And here we are with our lovely witnesses/guests.

Out in the gardens after the ceremony (these pictures are all kind of squinty because of the sunshine, imagine that, sun in England, haha).

Fiona and I

Dan and Matt

Later that evening, we went out to a tapas bar in Bournemouth called La Tasca with some friends  to celebrate!


About Mandy

29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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9 Responses to Civil Ceremony

  1. Aunt Judy and Uncle Bub says:

    Congratulations! Your wedding was so emtional, I cried already this morning. (Honestly!) We wish you the very best life can bring Mandy and Dan. Enjoy all your special moments and put them in your memory bank. Be there for each other through the great times and through the trying times. Always remember what made you fall in love with each other.

    AND we’re praying for both of you!!!

    Aunt Judy and Uncle Bub

  2. Alex says:

    Congratulations, again!! The sunshine must be a good omen!! I’m glad you had nice weather for your special day. You look so happy! I’m so happy for you!

  3. Auntie Cindy says:

    Mandy and Dan: Congrats! Thanks for sharing the pictures…made me teary-eyed. I can’t imagine what your mom is she wishes she could be there. Can’t wait for the big party in MN!

  4. Burton Grannes says:

    Congratulations, Mandy & Dan;
    What a beautiful wedding day you had! God bless you now and through the
    years ahead. Wish we could have been there to share it with you but we’re
    looking forward to sharing with you next year.
    Grandma & Grandpa

  5. Emily Allen says:

    “So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.” ~ Mark 10:8-9

    CONGRATULATIONS! All of us on this side of the pond wish you both the best in your new life together as Mr. & Mrs. Ellis. As you have heard a million times already, we can hardly wait for you both to get back over here to celebrate!

    ❤ Emily

  6. Lynne Warzecha says:

    Maddie and Dan ~ Congratulations to you both! Sorry this is so late. What a pretty day you had for your wedding and you both look so happy. Uncle Lee and I wish nothing but the best for you both. Thanks for sharing the pictures and it will be great to celebrate with you and meet your husband next year here in Minnesota ~ we will look forward to it. Always listen and talk to each other and each has to give a little, too. God bless you both!!
    Love, Aunt Lynne and Uncle Lee

  7. Rob Tapner says:

    Congrats guys, we are so happy for you both. Hope married life is treating you well. See you soon x

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