Everything Will Work Out Beautifully Because It Must

Some friends had updated their Facebook statuses today with what they were doing a year ago (most of them unhappily reflecting on the last day of their working holiday in Australia).  This got me to thinking what I was doing on this day one year ago.  On December 15th, 2009, I was in England, Plymouth to be exact, meeting Dan’s mom and Paul for the first time.

We hadn’t seen each other since Bundaberg, but had been planning this trip since I decided to leave Sydney and come back to the states 6 months early.  I remember being really jet lagged in Plymouth, begging Dan for 10 more minutes of sleep every morning when he was trying to get me up to go sight-seeing.  We spent the first two days of my arrival in a mad rush around London, trying to fit as much in as possible so I don’t think the jet lag really hit me until we were in Plymouth.  It felt very surreal walking around Plymouth with Dan, even though we had just spent agonizing months apart, that was all easily forgotten.

It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come in one year.  We’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time, it’s very strange to put it all into perspective.


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29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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2 Responses to Everything Will Work Out Beautifully Because It Must

  1. Mom says:

    Yes you have come a long way!
    From a baby who used to keep me up all night,
    to a toddler who covered her newborn baby sister with
    a blanket and said “Baby all gone”
    Then a preteen in braces.
    A soccer player, a musician, an artist, a sister, a friend,
    a daughter, a college graduate, a world traveler and now a wife.
    Even though we are now an ocean apart, you are with me always.
    I am very proud of you Kiddo.
    I am so happy you have found your life long love!
    Dan is a lucky guy! Something tells me you are pretty lucky too!

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