White Christmas and Attack Squirrels

This morning and yesterday morning, Dan and I woke up to fat snowflakes falling all over Bournemouth, most of the UK is actually getting quite a bit of snow right now which is a rare occurrence, especially in December.

After having a nice lazy Sunday morning, we decided to venture out to one of the local pubs for lunch, the Goat and Tricycle.  The snowflakes were still falling on our way there and gave Bournemouth a very Christmas-y feel 🙂

The Goat and Tricycle is an authentic English pub that serves real ales and is decorated in typical pub fashion; random objects hanging from the ceiling, in this case, walking canes.  It was fully decked out with Christmas decorations and trees, Dan and I got a cosy window seat to watch the snow fall.

After lunch, we wandered down to the beach and through the Bournemouth Gardens.

Usually, there’s a few groups of people either chasing the pigeons off of the sidewalk that goes through the garden or feeding them.  Now that it’s getting colder, there’s a lot of fat squirrels running around begging for food among the pigeons.  I’ve found that these squirrels are a lot friendlier than the squirrels in the states, probably because people like to feed them so much.  I realized just how friendly they were today when one tried to scale my leg (and made it up to my knee) when Dan and I stopped to take pictures.


"You just stay on the ground, Mr. Squirrel."


The snow is pretty and the weather forecast is saying that we should be getting more next week.  We’re just hoping it doesn’t interfere with our travel plans for Christmas (as well as a lot of other people).  England doesn’t have an effective system in place for clearing the snow from roads since its such a rare occurrence, combine that with tiny little English cars, not a good mix.


Ducks in the Garden




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