Reading Beer and Cider Festival

First off, Dan and I had a relatively laid back and quiet Easter.  The weather was nice so we headed to the gardens for a little while to enjoy the sunshine.  Other than that, we did not do a whole lot.  It was a little weird not having a huge family celebration, I hope all my family in the states enjoyed the day!

Relaxing on Easter Sunday

There’s been so many bank holidays lately that my work schedule has been a little strange.  I had Good Friday off, but had to come in for a half day on Saturday, then the Monday off, Friday off for the Royal Wedding, had to come in on Saturaday again, and I will have the upcoming Monday off as well.

On Friday, I went to the Reading Cider and Ale Festival with my friend, Fiona.  We had to get there really early because the queue starts building up pretty quickly and we wanted to get a table in one of the festival tents.  Really early as in I had to get up at 5:30 so I could catch the train, meet Fiona in Winchester and carry on from there to Reading.  We got to Reading around 9:00, made a quick grocery store stop to look for some clotted cream (Fiona had packed massive amounts of food for us for the day, including scones so we could have afternoon tea).  There seemed to be a clotted cream shortage because of the Royal Wedding so we were pretty excited when we managed to snag some.

View from the Gardens

After standing in the queue for about two and half hours we finally got into the festival grounds (it was worth it, we got a table right next to the stage).  There were two huge tents on the grounds, one that had local ales and foreign beers, then another with British and Irish draught beers and cider and perry.  You got a glass at the entrance with pint, 1/2 pint, and 1/3 pint marks and you basically went around the grounds and had your pick, you could also ask for samples as well 🙂  There were about 500 different beers at the festival.  My favorites included a Flemish cherry beer and a Belgium wheat beer from a local brewery in Reading.  There were plenty of Royal Wedding inspired creations as well, I think I tried a honey beer called Nuptial.

Another view from the gardens, where Dan and I had our civil ceremony

Because I was at the festival all day, I pretty much missed all Royal Wedding coverage, I did get to see a picture of Kate’s dress and the balcony kiss on a friend’s iPhone.  There were quite a few festival goers dressed in wedding attire.  I did watch the wedding highlights on BBC player as soon as I got home from work on Saturday and I must admit it did get me a little teary eyed.  I only wish I could have heard Harry’s speech at the private reception because I bet it was very amusing!


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