Getting Things Sorted

Dan and I were very productive this past weekend.  Friday was the hottest day of the year so far in the UK, it was sweltering (for here anyway).  Unfortunately, we were both working for most of the day, but we did go over to our friends’, Chris and Amy, for a bbq in the evening.  Chris and Amy moved into a new place not too long ago with a really nice back garden, and because of the really nice back garden, they also recently purchased a very adorable boxer puppy, Archie (he fell asleep in my lap and started snoring on Friday, I really want a puppy, hehe).

Saturday, Dan and I went to a property viewing.  Dan found this property while browsing on Gumtree.  It seemed perfect from the ad and is available from August 6th, our lease is up here on August 14th.  It seemed too good to be true, private outdoor garden, fully furnished, nice bathroom, spacious, garage, and guest bedroom.  We went to the viewing and met the landlord and saw the property and it all checked out.  Dan and I made sure we would both be able to get to work, we both would be able to catch buses to work.  So we ended up putting a holding fee on it, I’m so excited to move in come August time!  I can’t wait to get settled and start making the place our own!  Our New Flat

So the new flat isn’t the only thing exciting about August time…there’s another event which requires that Dan and I finally get our wedding bands!  We’ve been meaning to for a while, but because of the unique shape of my engagement ring, I wanted something custom-made.  Thanks to one of the lovely customer’s at Nationwide, I got a really good recommendation for jeweller and my engagement ring has been sent off to get a custom wedding band made.  I thought I was going to want a platinum/white gold band since I’ve been stuck on silver coloured jewellery for awhile (look at all those English spellings!).  But when I compared the platinum and yellow gold, the yellow gold definitely looked a lot better with the ring and so that’s what I’m set on now.  I’m excited to see the ring, in 3 weeks I get to see a wax casting of it before the final piece gets made.  On the downside, my ring finger is feeling really naked at the moment.
Love and miss you all! ❤



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29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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5 Responses to Getting Things Sorted

  1. Shirley Grannes says:

    Hi Mandy & Dan,
    The flat looks great! We were at Joe & Alison’s wedding this weekend; It was a nice time. Now we are looking forward to yours. After the long winter and nasty
    spring – now we have summer! Our thermometer said 101 degrees f. but the TV
    said 96. Whatever, it was hot. We are going to the lake tomorrow – should be
    cooler there. We enjoy your posts. Love from Grandma & Grandpa

    • penguinspam says:

      Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! We are really excited to move in 🙂 I saw pictures of Joe and Alison’s wedding, it looked like so much fun. I wish Dan and I could have been there. Have fun at the lake! ❤ Mandy and Dan

  2. Aunt Debbie says:

    Mandy & Dan,
    I love the new flat, and am happy that you found such a great place. Two bedrooms too…are you open for guests? Everyone here is getting very excited for your wedding. Let me know if there is anything that you need done. It will be crazy fun, when you get into town:) We love you both!

    • penguinspam says:

      Thanks Aunt Debbie! Yes, the spare bedroom is there for international travellers 😀 I can’t believe how fast August is coming up, I’m sure we’ll need plenty of help, haha.

      ❤ Mandy

  3. Auntie Judy and Uncle Bub says:

    Your flat looks lovely! We miss you and are excited for August. Can’t wait to see you. Sounds like everything is going well for you. I heard there are some really nice houses in OUR neighborhood that are for rent!!!!! I want to say I’m just kidding but –part of me isn’t. We miss you but are happy that everything is going great.

    Love and hugs – Aunt Judy and Uncle Bub (He’s actually writing this with me.)

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