One of My Favorite Places

On Monday after all the wedding hustle and bustle, Dan and I were ready for some relaxation and the best place I know for this is at Grandma and Grandpa’s cabin!

When we got there, Dan wanted to do absolutely everything.  I think in the first day, he managed to ride the dirtbike, learn to waterski, caught 2 huge bass, and learned to fillet fish.

I think there was a little bit of (maybe not so) good natured rivalry between Dan and my Dad.  We’ll just hold on to that Ping Pong game where Grandpa slaughtered Dan 🙂

For some reason I didn’t have any pics of Dan up on the water skis on our camera, but I can assure you he was a pro on the water skis.

Dan with his catch, look at that nice bass.

Doing a little speed boating, I prefer to be behind the wheel rather than the boat in my old age 🙂

Speed boating is serious business.

Look, it is the Minnesota state bird, the majestic loon!

Couples off-roading.

Not to be outdone, my two bass 🙂

Laying in the hammock, surrounded by trees.

I think Dan really enjoyed himself, we will definitely have to make a cabin trip again next time we are in the states 🙂


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29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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2 Responses to One of My Favorite Places

  1. Mom says:

    Yes, from this time forward, Dan shall be known as “The Golden Boy”. He is just so darn perfect at everything he attempts. Your Daddy however is still recooperating from his attempts at proving he can still waterski. (poor Daddy). It was nice to relax and get to know Colleen and Paul. Early morning tea, floating in the lake on our lawn chairs, boating and watching Colleen pretend to read on her Kindle when she was actually sleeping:) Boy, weddings can really take a lot out of you. I love you guys and miss you like crazy!!!!

  2. Shirley Grannes says:

    Hi Mandy & Dan,
    We just got back from a week at the lake. Ron & Cindy, Judy, Cori, & Tom were with us for
    Labor Day weekend. Grandpa kept everyone busy trimming some trees and getting the boat
    and boatlift in for the season. We are so glad you enjoyed your time at the lake – we sure
    enjoyed having you there! Your pictures are great.
    Love to you both from Grandma & Grandpa

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