Birthday Monkeys

This past Sunday, I turned 25, halfway to 50, a quarter century old 😛  Despite the general anxiety that comes along with getting a year older (25 already?  Shouldn’t I have written a novel or something by now??), I had an excellent birthday weekend.

On Saturday, Dan surprised me by picking me up from work and telling me to dress for the outdoors when we got home.  After a little car ride along a familiar road, we arrived:

This is probably incredibly nerdy of me, but I have wanted to go to Monkey World for a long time now.  Dan used to work there while he was at uni directing traffic in the car park and has told me about it.  Basically it is a rescue and rehabilitation centre for primates, they even have their own show on Animal Planet!

Practically, all the monkeys have been rescued from either medical labs, the illegal pet trade, or the entertainment industry and you can read each animal’s story outside their enclosure.

The enclosures are huge and monkeys are separated into small family groups.  The chimpanzees and orangutans were especially funny with their antics inside the enclosures.

This chimp was just as fascinated watching the onlookers as they were watching him.

There’s a baby woolly monkey cuddled up with his mom.

You could walk right through the enclosure with the ring tailed lemurs.

Dan even got me a souvenir at the gift shop 🙂  After Monkey World, Dan and I went and had dinner at the Scotts Arms, which is the pub we went to here with the garden view of Corfe Castle.

The next day, I had another birthday outing, this time to Ikea.  I love Ikea so much and Dan let me just have at it.  So the flat actually looks quite a bit different from how it looks in the flat tour pics now, haha!  We got a bunch of neat stuff to make our place more homey.  In addition to the Ikea trip, I also got a home cooked meal from my lovely husband consisting of some of my favorites.

So that was my birthday weekend and it was a pretty good one 🙂


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29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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2 Responses to Birthday Monkeys

  1. alex says:

    dan is awesome! that is pretty much the coolest birthday surprise ever! and there is nothing nerdy about monkeys. miss you! ❤

  2. Mom says:

    Oh whaaaa, you are 25 and haven’t written a novel. Try being the soon to be 50 year old
    mother of the person turning 25 my dear child. Although I was in the grocery store tonight and
    heard a loud rucus. I looked over and saw a young distressed mother of two little girls who were
    fighting and pulling each others hair. I felt bad for the mom and yet secretly I couldn’t help but
    giggle. I guess 50 doesn’t look so bad after all! As your mama, I must say, I think you have accomplished plenty for your age! I love you Kiddo and I love my new son-in-law too.

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