Cycling in the New Forest

I woke up on Sunday morning and was pleasantly surprised to see the sun shining outside my window.  We’ve had forecasts for a lot of wind and rain lately, so I had planned to spend Sunday hunkered down in the flat lazing about.  Instead Dan and I ended up taking advantage of our bit of sunshine by heading to Burley for some cycling in the New Forest.

After a quick phone call to the bicycle hire and some discussion about what route to take, Dan and I were off.  We ended up choosing the 8 mile long Woodland Trail, based on the fact that it said it was popular for families.  If little kids can bike it, I should be able to handle it.

The forest was beautiful and the weather stayed lovely, if a bit windy.  There were plenty of horses and ponies along the trail, good for me, annoying for Dan (Can we stop and take their picture?  You just took pictures of horses about 10 minutes ago…).

Ponies on the road.

Ponies in the forest.

Ponies off the bike trail.

We did the 8 mile trail in about an hour, which I was really impressed with because the woman at the cycle shop said it would take about 2 hours.  So we made good time, despite the pony pit stops.

We stopped at a pub afterward because there’s nothing like a nice pint after a bike ride.

Dan and I had a really nice time and are hoping to go back and do the 20 mile trail that goes through town so you can stop for lunch at a pub partway through the ride.

(There were goats as well as ponies.)  “Dan, can we get a goat?”


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One Response to Cycling in the New Forest

  1. Anna Grannes says:

    I’m sure a goat would make a nice addition to the new flat. 🙂

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