Our Barbados Holiday: Part 2

On Thursday, Dan and I were planning on renting scooters to explore the island, but after going outside and realizing how hot it was going to be sitting on the road as well as some safety issues as well (bus drivers are crazy over there, they’ll just pull out whenever), we decided on a car rental instead.

So the car was delivered to our hotel and off we went.  The guy from the car rental place gave us some spots to see and we had picked out some places from the guide book as well.  Our first stop was in Holetown for lunch.  Holetown is the home of the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, where you can conveniently shop for your Louis Vuitton handbags and Cartier diamonds all in one place.  Needless to say, Dan and I did not spend much time in the shopping centre.  After lunch, we stopped off at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, which is a small park with donated animals and also home to green monkeys that come and go as they please.  We got there right at feeding time.

Along with monkeys, there were also brocket deer, peacocks, tortoises, and iguanas at the park.

After the wildlife reserve, we headed to Cherry Tree Hill, which gives you one of the best views of the coastline in Barbados.

Awkward pose on Cherry Tree Hill.

After Cherry Tree Hill, we hit some of the best beaches on the east coast.  The east coast was so different from the west.  There’s a lot more cliffs and you can’t swim in the sea on the east coast because of how rough the water is.

Bottom Bay

We did a pretty good job at navigating, but we did have to turn around quite a few times, a lot of “Actually, I think we were supposed to turn back there”.

Bottom Bay

And after Bottom Bay, one last stop at Crane Beach before heading back to the hotel.

The tide is coming in!

Dan and I took some pics with the underwater camera on the last day for our one final swim in the sea, they didn’t turn out that great, but look how blue the water is!

A view of the hotel from the sea!

We had such an amazing time, it went by way too fast though!



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One Response to Our Barbados Holiday: Part 2

  1. Shirley Grannes says:

    Great pictures! After our day of winter last week we had a beautiful spring day today –
    temp was about 60 deg. f. this afternoon. Grandpa grilled pork chops this evening and
    said he wished Dan was here to do it for him! ( they were really pretty good)
    Grandpa said to tell Mandy to keep sending the pictures – he really enjoys them.
    We send our love.
    Grandma & Grandpa

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