Deer Sanctuary Trail in the New Forest

Dan and I have been having a nice and productive weekend.  We went into town  yesterday and did some shopping in the rain (we’re going to a wedding this week and needed some wedding attire) and also got a few more bits for the garden.  The seedling are still inside, with the strange weather we’ve been having I think there is still a chance of frost.  They’re looking a lot bigger than they did in the last post though.

Today, the weather was much nicer, still a tad chilly, but no rain and sunshine.  Dan was supposed to have his make up kitesurfing lesson today, but the instructor cancelled because the wind wasn’t right.  So Dan and I decided to take advantage of the weather and do some cycling in the New Forest.

Last time we went, we did the 8 mile Woodland Trail, this time we decided to do the 12 mile trail through the deer sanctuary (with a pub pit stop half way through).

We stopped at a pub called the Trusty Servant for a pint before continuing back to Burley.

I think 12 miles was just about right, it was a bit hilly on some of the trail, had a bit of a struggle to start off with (I had too many gears and didn’t know how to use them, haha).  Last time I rode a bike it was ok just to stay in “3” the entire time.

Mom and Dad get here in 12 days!  Can’t believe it is coming up so soon, we can’t wait!



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One Response to Deer Sanctuary Trail in the New Forest

  1. Shirley Grannes says:

    Hi Mandy & Dan;
    Thanks for the nice pictures! You are getting a good start on your garden. My tulips and lilacs are
    blooming nicely. We opened the cabin last weekend. The weather was a mixed bag; on Thursday
    it was over 60 deg. F. and on Monday morning we had almost 6 inches of snow and the temp was
    in the 20’s. That’s Minnesota for you – summer one day and winter the next.
    Grandma & Grandpa

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