Mom and Dad in the UK: London

After what seemed like ages and ages of anticipating the day my mom and dad would finally make the trip over the UK, they finally arrived.  They were arriving in Heathrow around 12:30 on Friday and we had decided that Dan and I would take the coach up to meet them the following morning so they would have time to rest and recover from jet lag.

After anxiously waiting for news of their arrival at work, I finally got a text saying they had made it through customs!  Early the next morning, Dan and I took a coach up to Heathrow and met them at the airport.  It was so strange seeing them on my new home turf, hehe.  We made our way to the bed and breakfast we were staying at and got to introduce Mom and Dad to the lovely London Underground aka the tube which they would become quite familiar with over the next few days.

Our rooms at the bed and breakfast were very nice even if the land lady was a bit high strung 🙂  We were in a lovely area and found a really nice cafe where we had breakfast each morning.  I’ve kind of lost track of what days we did what because we tried to see as much as possible, but I can break it down by weather for you:

Sunny Days: Changing of the Guard, Tower of London, London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, National Gallery

Rainy Days:  St. James Park, Buckingham Palace (1st time), Trafalgar Square, Museum of Natural History

Beautiful English weather!

Pissing It Down Days:  The Tate, St. Paul’s Cathedral

The Tower of London I think was everyone’s favorite, I had never been there before and we learned some very interesting history about the Tower as well as getting to see the Crown Jewels.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very great while we were in London, we had one miserable day where we were making our way to the Tate and it was absolutely coming down, I think all of us were soaked to the bone.  And then the Tate itself did not impress being crammed with students trying to avoid the rain and art that looked like a 3-year-old threw paint at a wall.

We had a fun night at one of the pubs near our bed and breakfast, called the King George pub, we had a few (many) pints and played a few rounds of pool, even snuck a souvenir pint glass for mom and dad to take home 😉

We did almost have a mishap where we had gotten on the tube and then Dan realized we were on the wrong one, we hopped off thinking mom and dad were right behind us, but when we turned around the doors had shut and off they went.  There was much hand wringing and gesturing at them as the tube left, luckily we were reunited at the next stop though!

We were very lucky to have Dan to bring us to where we needed to be, spent most of the trip following him about as he made sure everyone got where they needed to be to see all the sites!  He’s definitely a much better Underground navigator than I am.

The last evening before we left, we wandered down to Westminster and got to see Parliament at night which was beautiful.

We had a really nice time in London, but I think everyone was happy to head to Bournemouth for a bit of a slower pace after all the site-seeing!  (Bournemouth post to come)


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