Sunday: Carvery Style

Hello, hello!  Time to catch up on the ol’ blog again.  So what has happened since my last post?  Most notably, Dan and I applied for my last needed visa, the ILR, basically I had to send off all the UK recognized ID I have (including my passport), as well as Dan’s, along with a £1000 and we might get them back along with a reply in 4-6 months (from other people who have applied, more likely on the 6 month end).  I am not really happy about being completely without ID or means to leave the country for half a year, but this should be the final hurdle, until I get citizenship anyway.

Last weekend, my friend Lian invited me to go the London Tattoo Convention with her.  She had won tickets in a contest and so after work on Saturday, we made a 4 hour drive up to London.  Traffic was so horrendous, I was so thankful Lian was driving (not that I could, haha).  But we made it to our destination eventually and took the tube into Leicester Square where we had dinner at Planet Hollywood.  The next morning we made our way to the Convention held at the Tobacco Docks.

First off, the building itself was amazing, it was an old shopping mall, it was made of stone archways and all the glass and steel store fronts housed vendors and tattoo artists.  There were also statues scattered about relating to the history of the building (zoo animals were kept as attractions on the docks and this tiger escaped and managed to knock a small boy unconscious before it was caught).

The sheer amount of vendors, artists and stalls to see was overwhelming, but Lian and I managed to visit a good chunk.  There was even a room full of traditional hand tattoo artists, very interesting.  The artwork being sold was also incredible, I have a collection of vendors cards so I can browse online (gold pigeon feet jewelry anyone?).  We even were able to catch a glimpse of Ami James from Miami Ink (definitely the most high-profile artist there, the only one with security!).

Besides artists and vendors, there were also shows throughout the Convention, fire eating, belly dancing, burlesque, etc.

We had such a good time and definitely an amazing first tattoo convention to go to!

Now leading back to the title of this post, Dan and I went to the Toby Carvery today, basically you pick and choose Sunday roast.  And I chose quite a lot.

Sunday roasts are pretty unique to the UK I think, yes, we do nice Sunday dinners in the states, but nothing like the roasts over here.  I got a bit too excited and ended up piling on more food than Dan took, but it was all delicious.  And now Dan and I are spending the rest of the day recovering from food comas on the sofa 🙂


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One Response to Sunday: Carvery Style

  1. Pixie Dust and Fairytales says:

    I ADORE sunday roast…looks like you made excellent choices. Yorkshire puddings = yum!

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