The Visa Waiting Game

This blog has been neglected for quite some time and I know Dad likes my blog posts so I thought I’d attempt to hash one out tonight.

The main reason I haven’t written on here for so long is that I was hoping I would be able to tell you all that my ILR visa had been approved.  But so far, nothing.  When we sent off the application in September, I knew that a response was not going to be immediate, but I did not think we would be waiting for months.  I feel like Dan and my life has been put on hold, I come home from work each day hoping to see a brown UKBA envelope or a postal slip on the doormat and I know Dan does the same, and I feel sick everyday I come home and nothing is there.

When we were asked for more proof of “cohabitation since marriage” in January, I wanted to send them photos, tell them the adventures Dan and I have had together, how hard we’ve worked to be together and what we’ve gone through to be here, but you can’t.  Instead I get to reduce our relationship to bank statements and council tax bills.  And now I don’t know if that stack of papers representing our last 2 years together is sitting somewhere amongst hundreds of other applications or if someone is actually working on our approval.  And you can’t find out either, UKBA does not allow enquiries about progress on visa applications.  So we get to sit here at the mercy of an organization that seems to be in shambles and hope for the best.



But anyway, rant over.  Everything else has been going well.  I won a gym membership at my Christmas work do (for two, so Dan wasn’t left out).  It was a really nice prize because the gym is a 10 minute walk from where we live.  I have gone a few times already to use the cardio equipment and plan to try out a few classes.  Dan has been enjoying using their pool to keep himself in kite-surfing fit shape!

Lian and I went to another tattoo convention last weekend.  We took a little road trip up to Brighton and stayed with her aunt and uncle.  We had a great time at the convention (no mom, I didn’t get any new tattoos!) and had a nice time walking around the shops in Brighton.

We had a rather disappointing Pancake Day, mostly due to the fact that we could use a decent frying pan that wasn’t rusted or dented to oblivion. (Lian’s aunt made us American style pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast while we were with them so I did get my fix in the end).

We did get a pathetic bit of snow mid January.

snowAnd Dan and I have been doing a bit of cooking from our Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals cookbook we got from Kieran and Ellie for Christmas.

PicMonkey CollageHope everyone is well and send us some fast visa approval thoughts!  Love and miss you!



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29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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One Response to The Visa Waiting Game

  1. Auntie Judy says:

    Hang in there! We are thinking about you and do hope you get the papers you are waiting for! It is a little selfish though, because we hear you may be planning a trip home and we are anxious to see you! Take care – we love and miss you! Auntie Judy

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