Sunny Bank Holiday

Well, it was sunny for about 3 days and now it is rainy and grey again.  But we will cherish the memories of those few summer like days!  Dan and I have been relatively busy the past weekend/week.  I took the train to Bristol Saturday morning for a friend’s hen do.  Had an amazing time, there was vintage hair fascinator making, cream tea, cocktail making course, a private karaoke room, and lots of other awesome things!  I got back Sunday evening and the next day Dan and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and went on a little adventure.

IMG_0312Dan’s friend, Luke, had told us about an abandoned village in Tyneham from WWII that was also near some really nice beaches.


Tyneham was evacuated during WWII to be used as a firing range for training troops and although it was supposed to be a temporary measure, it is still owned by the military and is still used for training today.


There are still buildings standing, houses, a school house, church, and a farmyard that is being restored.

IMG_0302Inside the school-house which has been restored as a museum.

IMG_0305In the farmyard, there was a wall of explosives and shrapnel.

IMG_0309After a wander around the abandoned village and through the farmyard (I was hoping there would be lambs after seeing all the spring lambs playing in the field, but apparently historic farmyards don’t keep livestock), we trekked through the forest to the beach.

IMG_0311And up a gigantic hill, but the view was worth it!

IMG_0316My footwear was not really appropriate for scaling hills.

IMG_0319After Tyneham, we went to a little pub for some late lunch and a pint in the beer garden, you could definitely tell it was a busy bank holiday because they had run out of fish and chips and Dan got the last pint of cider!

It’s Dan’s birthday today and he is out trying to catch some wind kite surfing (he got a new board for his birthday so it needs breaking in!).  We have the rest of the week off of work so we are enjoying a bit of relaxation although it looks like the sun may have left us for the rest of our holiday! x


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4 Responses to Sunny Bank Holiday

  1. Lynne Warzecha says:

    Hi Mandy and Dan ~ Happy Birthday to Dan. Thanks for sharing your pics. They are really pretty. I like the one with your reflections in the window – very cool. We are finally getting some decent weather here, although it is supposed to rain today. But it is not snow, so that is fine. Uncle Lee and I are going up to our trailer this weekend to open it up, do some spring cleaning and just have some nice, quiet time. Hope all is well with you and Dan. All good here, kids are getting bigger and sassier! HA. You guys take care and it will be so nice to see you in July. Probably be one of the highlights of the summer!
    Love, Auntie Lynne

    • Mandy says:

      Hi Auntie Lynne!
      It rained today here so doesn’t sound so different. I hope you don’t get any more snow either, it’s not right in May, haha! Hope you have a nice time at the land! I see pictures of the kids on Facebook, can’t believe how big they are, especially Parker! We can’t wait to visit, it will be so nice to see everyone!

  2. Shirley Grannes says:

    Hi Mandy & Dan,
    The cabin was fine – the ice was off the lake as soon as we got there. Lake Beltaine in town
    still has a lot of ice. We had swans, loons, & ducks swimming on the lake. Thanks for the nice pictures – that was a very interesting place to spend a day. I’m glad Dan had a nice birthday!

  3. sarahcolliver says:

    Love Tyneham one of my fav places to visit, thanks for sharing your pics – the weather looked lovely!

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