So quite a bit has happened since my last update!  Lets see if I can remember everything!

Dan and I went to Alton Towers at the end of May for a friend’s birthday.  Alton Towers is a huge theme park about 4 hours away.  It was an early morning, waking up at 4 am and arriving at the park around 9:30, but it was an amazing day!  I was a bit terrified when I agreed to go because the last time I was on a roller coaster was when I was 14 riding the Wild Thing at Valley Fair, which proved to be enough roller coasters for me for the next 12 years.  And Dan had never been on a roller coaster at all!  Despite the crazy weather (we were rained on the majority of the day, hailed/thunder stormed a bit of the day, with a few minutes of beautiful sunshine in between), it was so much fun and can’t wait to go to another theme park now.

alton towersAnd then the next bank holiday weekend, we went to visit George and Pam in Brixham.  The first day the weather cooperated and we had a picnic on the beach after a walk on the coastal path.  I also got to go to my first car boot sale (Dan wasn’t so keen and opted to stay in bed), did find some bargainous wine glasses at 20p each!

The beginning of June also had a few hot and sunny days of which we took full advantage.

a2And we got dressed up for a friend’s birthday pub crawl.

a3And Dan has been out kite surfing when the weather allows.

a5And in other news, I started a new job on Monday.  I’m working at the same company as Dan now (luckily it’s a nice big building and we won’t be bumping into each other, don’t want to be *that* couple, hehe).  Really sad to leave my old team, but it’s exciting and I’m already enjoying the training and just doing something new.

And something else that is exciting, 18 days until Dan and I fly to Minnesota!!!



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29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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4 Responses to Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Shirley Grannes says:

    Hi Mandy & Dan,
    We are anxiously awaiting your arrival – it seems so long since we saw you! The bass are
    biting at the lake. Bob and kids were up for a few days and they had a good time fishing. John
    also caught some sunnies that he brought over to show us. The weather is FINALLY acting
    like the season it is. See you soon. Our Love!
    Grandma & Grandpa

    • Mandy says:

      Hi Grandma and Grandpa, we’re getting really excited, not too long now! Dan is glad to hear the fish are biting, we’re both looking forward to some “cabin time”! Can’t wait to see you!
      Mandy and Dan

  2. Auntie Judy says:

    We too cannot wait to see you! This will be a great time for us – having Brian, Jess, Boone and Harper and you and Dan all together has me very excited! Have a safe trip – love and miss you!

    • Mandy says:

      Not long now! I’m really glad Brian, Jess and the kids will be there and that the timing has worked out well! Getting so excited 🙂

      Mandy and Dan

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