The Weekends: Brixham, Cotswolds, and Studland

Dan and I had a very busy August. which is why I am just getting around to blogging about it now.

The first weekend, Dan and I headed to Brixham to visit George, Pam and Kieran.  George and Pam headed back to Oz this week so we basically had a very early Christmas celebration.  The first evening we were there we went to a new seafood restaurant, The Crab Quay House, Brixham is a fishing town and the Crab Quay House over looks the harbour and they get all their seafood fresh.  The food was delicious, Dan, Kieran and I went for the enormous Fruit de Mer.

IMG_0551The next day we went out on the Vigilance, a 78 foot restored heritage fishing trawler that was built in 1926.  We sat on the deck and watched the crew raised the huge sails before setting off, Dan and Kieran even got to help out!

The wind was really strong so we got going quite fast, everyone took a turn at the wheel.  Which was a little scary with how huge the boat is and how fast we were going.

vigilanceIt was a great day out and the weather pretty much held up for us until we were nearing the end of the trip.  After that we warmed up in one of the local restaurants with traditional roast dinner before saying our goodbyes.  The sailing trip was such an amazing experience having never done anything like that before!

The next weekend Dan and I headed to the Cotswolds to visit some friends.  Kate, one of Dan’s uni friends, was back from Australia and so we all took the opportunity to get together.  We stayed with Kate’s mom, at a beautiful cottage, the first day we enjoyed some sunny weather and spent most of our time chatting in the garden with some cold beverages.

IMG_0592We went to this pub for dinner, which apparently is Liz Hurley’s local.  No celeb spotting, but we did have some very delicious food and drinks!



The next day we took a walk through the countryside, had an interesting encounter with some horses before making our way to a pub.  It was so good to see everyone and catch up, it was a lovely relaxing weekend!

cotswolds2(Anni, Laura, Rob, Kate, Me, and Dan!)

And the last bank holiday, Dan and I decided to make the most of the weather by driving out to Studland.  Unfortunately, we didn’t think that the queue for the ferry to get over there was going to be miles long and ended up having to drive around the long way, but it was worth it!


We hiked up to Old Harry’s Rocks and settled down with a little picnic lunch.

IMG_0609We sat on the hillside for a while taking in the views, there were plenty of paddle boarders, snorkelers, and people on various motor craft out.  We even saw a lady with her dog on the front of her paddle board exploring around the rocks.

IMG_0605Eventually, we had to head back, although there was a cheeky stop for ice creams on the way home! 🙂


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