Bournemouth Air Festival

During the 3 years I have lived here, I have never seen the Bournemouth Air Festival.  I remember the first year, Steve, Dan and I walked down to the beach to watch and were greeted with a gray sky full of clouds that made it impossible to see anything.  The second year, we were away in the states for the wedding, and last year I think we were off camping.  But this year we didn’t miss it, and I think that this was probably the best year condition wise to catch the action!

Dan and I had plans to catch a bus into Boscombe to watch the show from Steve and Hannah’s flat, which happens to be right on the beach with a perfect view for the airshow from their balcony.  Unfortunately as we stood at the bus stop and the minutes ticked by, we realized we probably should have caught an earlier bus, with about 20 minutes before the Festival started (and the Red Arrows, the main event!) we decided to give up on the bus and try our luck duking it out for a parking space.  We did find a spot and with about 5 minutes to go, we headed to the beach as quickly as possible.

IMG_0620And made it just as the Red Arrows flew over.

IMG_0622The photos don’t really do them justice, it was incredible.  So Dan and I slowly made our way down the beach toward the flat while watching the show.

IMG_0627Some sky art 🙂

IMG_0623After the Red Arrows finished, we finally got to Steve and Hannah’s where we had the perfect view from their balcony.  The sun was shining and we had plenty of good food, good beer, and good company!

IMG_0652After the Red Arrows, a helicopter came out and did a landing on one of the battleships and the Army Lynx flew out and did some stunts.  I didn’t even know helicopters could do flips and spins, it was crazy to watch.

IMG_0631Then they flew out a WWII bomber accompanied by a pair of Spitfires.  And then the Chinook helicopter, which was one of my favorites, it was doing flips and going end over end.  It just didn’t look like something that huge should be in the air doing flips!

IMG_0640The B17 Bomber then did a fly over, apparently Dan says I need to watch Memphis Belle to see this plane in action.

IMG_0645The evening was capped off with a fly by the RAF Typhoon which was so loud the balcony was practically rattling when it went past.  It was so weird that sound of the plane was so far behind it because of the speed!

The evening was capped off with a fireworks display, a very enjoyable first Air Festival experience 🙂


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