Tis (Almost) the Season!

Hello my little neglected blog.  Having been a bit swept up with all things life, I haven’t managed to update for about two months now.  My mom and dad got into a pretty major motorcycle accident at the end of September, which was horrible and scary, but thankfully they are both ok and while there’s still some healing to be done, they are both on the mend.

Dan participated in Tough Mudder at the end of September and managed to complete the course despite an infected wisdom tooth!

1374147_646971664096_715023096_nWe attended a fancy dress party in October as Elle Driver and Jimmy Hendrix.

1395362_649586224496_1124131939_nAnd if it’s too cold for fish and chips on the beach, sometimes you have to make do on the sofa at home (and that is mayo on the side, there was some confusion over this on Facebook, haha!).

1377466_650862930966_504271063_nAnd last weekend, Dan and I went to Plymouth to visit Colleen and Paul.  We had a lovely dinner and movie night (saw Gravity, it was good, but not everyone gave it glowing reviews, haha!).


Dan and I went to Bigbury when the sun was shining on a Sunday afternoon while we were in Plymouth.

2013-11-24 13.02.09

It was a bit chilly, but the beach was out of the wind and there were plenty of more adventurous people out on the sea on paddleboards and surfboards.

1441208_10100516659861697_1530100920_nAnd here is an overview of Dan’s participation in Movember, I am pretty sure the moustache is going as soon as December 1st hits tomorrow, but it had a good run.

movemberAnd the Christmas countdown has started as well, 21 days until we are in the states!!!!!


About Mandy

29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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4 Responses to Tis (Almost) the Season!

  1. Lynne Warzecha says:

    Hi Mandy and Dan ~ was nice to see your post. Hey Dan ~ nice stache. I think it looks good on you. Will be a good Christmas with you home for a bit. I know your mom and dad are looking forward to seeing you. You probably heard Phil had double by-pass surgery. Was a pretty scary time for us and one I do not want to go through again. Has aged me and your Uncle Lee a bit! But he is doing great. He is doing his rehab now. Cannot go to work for 5 more weeks, and then just part time and light duty. The hardest part for him is he can’t lift anything over 5-10 lbs., so that means he can’t lift Parker or Maddie. I told him to count his blessings and he is lucky to be here to see Parker and Maddie. Life is settling down some for us, which is good. I am looking forward to the holidays and getting together with family and friends. Will be a thankful time for me. Take care and see you and Dan for Christmas. Love, Aunt Lynne

    • Mandy says:

      Hi Aunt Lynne!
      We did hear about Phil, very scary, we were following the updates on Facebook! Its good to hear he is doing much better now! We can’t wait to see everyone at Christmas, hopefully things stay settled and everyone has a nice relaxing holiday! xx

  2. bgrannes says:

    Mandy & Dan,
    Good to hear from you! We had a nice Thanksgiving here – Judy & Family, Debbie & Family,
    My sister & Family, and even your Mom & Dad & the girls. It was nice that they were able to
    come. We’re looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. We are having a little snowstorm
    today; guess we’ll have a White Christmas. Love Ya! Grandma & Grandpa
    p.s. I’ll make sure to have rice pudding for you!

    • Mandy says:

      Hi Grandma and Grandpa!
      We can’t wait to see you at Christmas, I am excited for Dan to see how we celebrate 🙂 I saw that there is a lot of snow now, I think that is making Dan a bit worried, haha, we might need to do a bit of shopping for cold weather gear when we get in. I can’t wait to have my rice pudding this year!
      Mandy and Dan

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