About a week ago, Dan and I set our alarms for 2am, bacon sandwiches at the ready, and drove up to Luton Airport for a 7 day inclusive stay at Melia Gorriones in Fuerteventura!

After landing at the airport, we had about an hour-long coach ride to our hotel, the landscape is dry and barren, a few shrubs, rocks, and maybe the wayward goat or two.  But when we got closer to the hotel, you could see the bright blue water and palm trees.

Melia Gorriones was absolutely gorgeous, we were a little disappointed we hadn’t opted for sea view in our room, but after a few days we realised we were really only in the room for bed time anyway.  The hotel has 3 pools, two freshwater and one seawater, I spent most of my time at the salt water pool, in a sun lounger, close to the bar.

2014-05-13 12.13.05Dan did find the time to join me by the pool in between his kiting sessions.

10252040_678078934876_5597806527376669928_nSpeaking of kite surfing, had a bit of a very scary moment on our second day.  Dan took his kite out for the first time and the wind picked up very strong, he got pulled away from shore and crashed his kite.  Eventually, a jet ski went over to him and then drove away!  He got his kite back up and made it back to shore (on the complete other side of the beach, cue me running my butt over there as fast as I could!).  We then found out you need to have kite storage with the centre to get rescued (they will rescue you in dire situations, but charge £50 to bring you as well as your kite back).  So we went and got kite storage and some stiff drinks.

1619272_678358364896_1828899484909448347_nWhich ended up being a good thing anyway, it would have been a long way for Dan to drag his kite equipment back and forth from the hotel everyday.

10310657_677962842526_8438293730113274615_nHere’s the view of our hotel from the beach, all the sand you see is a lagoon and was filled with water by the end of trip!

10348796_678564382036_8526390699481855766_oHere is the full lagoon, that tiny speck in the middle is the watch tower on the beach where Dan kited.  The water came up to your knees at the deepest bit.

10320560_677963042126_2002555693116518682_nThis is on the restaurant balcony, taking advantage of our all inclusiveness upon arrival.  The food was absolutely amazing and we definitely ate way too much of it, we started just having big salads everyday for lunch.

10252002_677962822566_7150282594891579297_nIt was not uncommon to eat 4 different animals for dinner, they had veal, salmon, sea bass, swordfish, lamb, venison, steak, trout, squid, prawns, and the list went on!  There was also quite a bit of vino blanco por favor with dinner…and olives, I ate so many olives, probably almost turned into one.

972929_678091928836_1488062442_nOn our last full day, after Dan got in his last kite surfing session, we got a taxi into Costa Calma.  We thought we would do a little souvenir shopping and go out to eat at one of the restaurants we had heard goods things about.

2014-05-16 18.13.14We didn’t find any souvenirs, there were only a few shops and a supermarket in the area so we settled for some beers at a little surf cafe instead.

10268566_678377476596_4895659515691860265_nAnd then drinks at the restaurant!  We went to an Italian restaurant called B-Side, we were the only people there because it was about 6 when we got there and apparently it doesn’t really get busy until 9-10, but it was nice because the manager brought all our food out and had a chat.  The food was amazing!

10306761_678564292216_619578554419747263_nIt was definitely the nicest holiday we’ve ever been on (the hotel is a star up from the hotel we went to in Barbados and you could definitely tell).  We were both very sad to leave, but excited at the same time.

10277466_677962912386_8333438297848549267_nA new adventure awaits us because we exchanged contracts on our first home while we were away 🙂  Our completion date is May 30th and we are out of our flat on June 8th so we will have some time to clean and paint before we’re in!  And the sun is shining in the UK at the moment so we didn’t even have to come back to grey, miserable weather.



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One Response to Fuerteventura!

  1. bgrannes says:

    Hi Mandy & Dan – A “belated happy birthday” to you Dan
    Your vacation looks gorgeous; looks like something we need after that miserable winter we had.
    We did go to Holland, MI last week to the tulip festival. We went on a bus trip; the weather turned out to be great! Fields & fields of tulips, a great parade; and some neat touristy things to see.
    That is a pretty cute house you got! I hope you enjoy it – I’m sure you will.
    We opened up the cabin a couple of weeks ago – everything survived the winter ok. We will go
    up on Wed. for the Memorial Day weekend and stay a week. We should have some company.
    Grandma & Grandpa

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