The weekend after Jennie visited us, Dan and I jetted off to Amsterdam with our friends, Chris and Elise.  I’ve never been before so I couldn’t wait, and I was not disappointed.

We flew out from Southampton Airport bright and early, it’s only about 45 minutes to an hour away from us, but we have to catch a 6 am flight.  The flight was only about 50 minutes long, I thought it was too quick as I could have used a snooze on the plane!  We met up with Chris and Elise at Schipol Airport and took the train into the city.

2014-08-17 19.16.27It was about 9 am by the time we got there and we were all starving so we went to Wonderbar Cafe (we ended up spending quite a lot of time there) for some food and celebratory morning beers!

1910644_695815800056_5298286763630210121_nThey also had this incredibly tasty fresh mint tea, drank quite a few of those!  Might need to get my own mint plant so I can make my own!

2014-08-16 11.13.37The only downside of the whole trip was that it rained quite a lot.  It would drizzle for about and hour, really heavily downpour and the you’d get about 15 minutes of beautiful sunshine to lull you into a false sense of security until it started raining again.  The city is so beautiful, it would have been nice to spend more time wandering around, but it just means we’ll have to go again sometime! 🙂

2014-08-16 13.30.31We went on a canal boat ride in the afternoon that went past 100 different landmarks (I didn’t count so can’t be sure).  The houses lined up on the canals are hilarious because they tilt in every direction.

2014-08-17 19.33.59

They all have hoisting beams at the top because they have so many floors and the stairs are too narrow, you have to get all your furniture in through the windows.

2014-08-16 13.41.33The Nemo Science museum, we ended up going there later in the trip, but such a cool building!

2014-08-16 19.49.15-1We ended up having dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, where I had to get a picture of Golden Earring’s guitar for my dad, good old Radar Love 🙂

One evening while we were trying to find a place to eat, Elise spotted a place called Maxim Piano Bar, they didn’t open until 9, but looked very intriguing so we ended up going back later.  And it was an absolute find, we spent our last night there as well.  They had a piano up front and the coasters were request forms, the two players we saw were really good and the bar staff was hilarious.  As you can see, we really enjoyed ourselves there…

10294282_10203243436941567_2501602239442969006_nWe went to the Red Light District one evening, had huge pints at a bar called Ziggy’s and had a look at the windows.  It was bit strange, even stranger to see families walking around with their kids.  Still a really beautiful part of Amsterdam though.

2014-08-17 22.35.29The next day, Dan and I had breakfast at a little organic cafe.  Our hotel was in the museum quarter and seemed to be in a very posh crunchy granola part of Amsterdam.  The food there was amazing, they had this Belgian biscuit spread that was toffee flavored, could have eaten it straight out of the jar.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring any back because we just had hand luggage.  But here is Dan enjoying his first cup of English tea, it was exceptionally hard to find, but now we know Dan must always travel with his PG Tips.

2014-08-18 10.45.20After breakfast, Dan and I headed to Vondel Park, it’s a huge park in the middle of Amsterdam with sculptures, lakes, and fountains.

2014-08-18 12.33.44Unfortunately, it really started raining.  Dan and I had to take shelter under a bridge until we just decided to brave it and make a run for it.  We had to go back to the hotel and employ the hair dryer.

2014-08-18 12.28.39After we had dried out a bit, we met up with Chris and Elise and went to the Flower Market, we also visited various cheese shops and loaded up on samples and played around in a hammock store (amazing!).  And because it was still raining, we went to a Medieval Torture museum, which was interesting and horrifying.

2014-08-17 14.45.37On our last evening, we found an Indonesian restaurant for dinner, so good!  Indonesian is apparently really popular in Amsterdam.  And after dinner, we had a few drinks before heading to the piano.

2014-08-18 22.02.19I love this picture, I was trying to photograph my delicious rose beer, but probably should have turned off the flash…

10392401_10203256824796255_3953472166271539663_nCrazy last night at the Piano Bar!

2014-08-19 14.00.00And the next morning we said goodbye!  It was such an amazing trip and such a beautiful city, definitely need to go back!


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