Boat Races and Birthdays

I still feel like I’m trying to catch up with these posts so photo montage and commentary time!

10441146_699821552496_4353446272496300279_nAfter we got back from Amsterdam, we joined Elise’s family friends for their annual raft race on their country estate.  We were the only team that actually made our own raft this year so everyone ended up doing timed trials with ours.  Dan and Chris came in first, but more importantly, team Dandy beat team Chrilise 🙂

Dan made this video with some clips from his GoPro on our way, picnicking, racing, and goofing off in the pool house!

We also watched the Bournemouth Air Festival with Steve and Hannah from their balcony again this year.  Not nearly as sunny as last year, but still a lot of fun.

My friend, Lian, and I went out to dinner one evening at a newish restaurant in Poole, The Stable.  They only serve pizzas and pies and they also have a huge selection of ciders.  Definitely my kind of place!

IMG_20140902_214034And then for my birthday, Dan spoiled me with a massage voucher for the Lush Spa in Poole.  It sounds amazing!  I also will get to tour the kitchens while I’m there as well and looking forward to browsing some of the exclusive products offered there that aren’t in shops.  In addition to my massage, we went to my favorite Japanese restaurant where we ate copious amounts of sushi.  A very good day 🙂



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