Can’t Ask for Anything More

The second week in September, Dan and I met up with Steve and Hannah to spend the day in Salisbury before heading to a Frank Turner concert in the evening.

Salisbury is home to the tallest church spire in the UK at an impressive 404 feet.  So when we arrived, we wandered over to the cathedral grounds straight away.

2014-09-13 15.22.45As you can see, Salisbury Cathedral is massive, it’s hard to get it all into one photo!

2014-09-13 15.20.13It’s a beautifully intricate building, taking into account that its construction started somewhere around 1220!

2014-09-13 15.21.41View of a courtyard inside the cathedral.

2014-09-13 15.25.00So much detail!  Down to the gargoyle waterspouts.

2014-09-13 15.28.09After we had our fill of the cathedral, we found some dinner and had a few drinks in a pub garden (that happened to serve Blue Moon!) before heading to the gig.

The supporting act, unbeknownst to myself, was Koo Koo Kanga Roo from Minneapolis, Minnesota!  I got so excited, I tweeted them during the show and met them afterwards at their merch booth.

10494579_10100795228902107_3254588374765359109_n(Apologies for the fuzzy pic, but I still think its awesome!)

Frank Turner was amazing.  I love him.

2014-09-13 21.25.18And I shall leave you with one of my favorite songs of his 🙂



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