Holidays Are Coming!

Hello everyone!  So what’s gone on the past month and half-ish?  I started a new job at the end of October (same company, different department), which is going really well and was a welcome change!  Dan and I are slowly “feathering our nest” now that most of important work has been done to the house.  We still need to paint the lounge, but think that will be more of a summer job now!

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year as Dan and I both had time off work.  I spent the day cooking up a storm and then we had our friends, Chris and Elise (and Elise’s family dog, Gibson) over for dinner.

2014-11-27 23.42.18Here’s Gibson enjoying a Thanksgiving belly rub 🙂

We had roast chicken (I’ve never really been a fan of turkey), homemade gravy, potato casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, roast vegetables, cranberry jelly, and I even baked a pumpkin cheesecake after getting my hands on some Libby’s canned pumpkin.

The cranberry jelly was also a special treat because one of the guys I work with brought it back for me when he went to visit his girlfriend in the states.  You can get cranberry sauce with whole cranberries here, but not the kind that comes out of the tin can with ridges still on (the best kind!).

We got our Christmas decorations up on December 1st and it’s feeling quite festive around here!

2014-12-07 15.19.26

And the Ikea orchid from over the years…(2011, 2012, and this year, which is a bit of sad-looking year, haha!).  It’s still alive no matter how many times Dan has threatened to throw it out!  I am just impressed I’ve kept a plant alive this long…

PicMonkey CollageAnd in addition to the holiday prep, Dan has still been managing to go out kite surfing, when weather permits, which usually means windy, wet, nasty weather which we have in abundance 🙂


Hope everyone is well and we’ll be thinking of you over the holidays!




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29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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