Helllloooo…it’s me

So last blog post was November.  Apologies, but you’ve heard it all before.  So here is a cliff notes version of the past 5 months:

Oz. Was. Amazing.  It was so good to visit with George, Pam and Kieran and explore Western Australia.  Definitely a new experience celebrating Christmas with sunshine and kangaroos rather than freezing temps and snow (or rain and grey skies in the UK).  If you haven’t seen it yet, Dan put together a little video from our trip.  It was such an amazing experience, Western Australia is truly beautiful:

In January, I finally got another thing ticked off the “Living in the UK” checklist when I passed my driving test.  “Now Mandy”, you may be saying, “didn’t you already know how to drive?”

I have been driving in the states since I was 15, but when you move to the UK, your US license is good for a year before you have to start the process from scratch to get a UK license.  The first year I lived here, Dan and I didn’t have a car.  Also, manual cars are the norm over here and I only had ever driven automatics.  So finally after 5 years of living here and having reasons to put it off, saving for visas, a house, etc, I finally took the plunge and started driving lessons.  And I was so lucky as I had the most amazing instructor, a friend of mine, Emily (Learn to Drive with Emily) and I ended up passing my test the first time around!  It was quite a lot of work, I think I started lessons in July, I had to study for and take the theory test, before doing the practical which was a lot harder than my driving test on a closed course in the states!

12524214_1545371762444664_4550985764154731979_nSo Dan always told me that once I passed my driving test, we could get a dog and somehow the stars aligned and Dan came across an ad for a dog that sounded absolutely perfect for us a few days after I passed my test.

Now if you know me at all, you know how much I love dogs and have always wanted one of my own.  We went to visit Colleen and Paul in Plymouth at the end of January and were telling them how we had arranged to see this dog when we got back, but we weren’t too sure.  Paul kept telling us we would be coming home with a dog.


And sure enough, on February 2nd, we became the proud owners of Betty, a blue and white 3-year-old English bulldog.

IMG_20160214_122326We love her so much and she has been such an amazing addition to our little family!  She’s getting her own post because I could (and do) ramble on about her for days, haha!

IMG_20160423_163920And you can follow her here on her own instagram account (betty.the.bully), specifically created so my Facebook page isn’t flooded with pics of our dog.

In March, Dan and I finally painted the last room in the house that still needed it (only a mere 2 years after moving into the place…).  And we now have a lovely turquoise kitchen:IMG_20160321_163951We had a lovely visit from Kieran and Hailey over Easter weekend.  And although the weather wasn’t that great, we still managed to have good time in between dodging rain clouds!

And that about brings us up to date!  We’ve spent some time prepping for our friends’, Chris and Elise, wedding in September, suits and bridesmaids dresses have been selected!  Hen and Stag parties are next on the list before the big day gets here 🙂

And flights have been booked and plans made to go to Las Vegas in October for our friends’, Matt and Madison, wedding.  Dan has a kite surfing holiday in August and I am coming back to Minnesota for Thanksgiving so lots to look forward to this year!

So see you in another 5 months (just kidding, maybe).




About Mandy

29 year old, somewhat snarky, happily married, and always on the look out for a good recipe or latest beauty bargain.
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