Important Dates

June 27, 2009-Started Dating

December 11, 2009-Went to Visit Dan in England

March 25, 2010-Dan Visits the States

April 6, 2010-Engaged 🙂

June 14, 2010-Applied for Settlement Visa Online

June 21, 2010-Biometrics Appointment, Sent Application to Chicago Consulate

June 24, 2010-Visa approval!

July 31st, 2010-Flying to London

September 20, 2010-Wedding at Bournemouth Town Hall

October 1, 2010-FLR (M) in person appointment at Croydon-approved!

August 20, 2011-Wedding in the states!

August 8, 2012-Took and PASSED the Knowledge of Life in the UK test!

September 10, 2o12-Posted off my ILR application, the waiting game begins…

February 23, 2013-ILR approved!