The next step after being granted my fiance visa after moving to England was to apply for Further Leave to Remain.  Further Leave to Remain allows you to have probabtionary citizenship for 2 years.  You are also able to work in the UK once granted FLR.  I will be applying for Further Leave to Remain (Marriage).  In order to apply for this, you must be married (your marriage certificate is required as part of your application.  Here are the steps I took to obtain my FLR (M):

1.  Get married (har har).

2.  Schedule appointment with the proper Immigration Office.  Dan and I will be going to the Croydon office since that is nearest to where we live.  You can do your online book here.  You also have the option of applying by post, which is less expensive, but can take 2-3 months to process rather than having the same day response with an in person appointment.

3.  Here is a rundown of what will happen at your appointment.

Documents that are required at your appointment:

-Your and your partner’s passports

-Two passport photos

-Proof of finances (at least 3 months of bank statements and payslips)

-Marriage Certificate

You can read about my experience with an in person interview at the Croydon office here.


5 Responses to FLR (M)

  1. thirdtimelucky says:

    This is great, thanks! I am getting married to a Brit in June but I will definitely refer back to this post for the next step. All the best to you both

  2. penguinspam says:

    Congratulations and good luck to you! Glad you found the post helpful!

  3. Kristin says:

    This helps me out too. Thanks for posting these! 🙂 I love UKYankee, it has helped so much !!!!

  4. Nicole says:

    Sadly the waiting time for an application made by post is more like 6 to 9 months now. I just received mine back in November of last year and only because we wrote to our MP to see if he could expedite our application due to traveling for the holidays. If I had realized that it was going to be such a long waiting time (much longer then what they have listed on their website) I would have paid a little more and made an appointment to go in and do it in person. It would have been worth it on so many levels.

    I do think it’s great that you have this info on here based on your experience. I kind of wish I read all this last year. I’m interested to see how the next step goes for you.


    • Mandy says:

      Hi Nicole!
      I know what you mean about paying more to do it in person! I applied for my ILR at the beginning of September, we did it by post rather than in person like with did with the FLR to save money. I still haven’t received my approval and it’s really starting to get discouraging. But hopefully I will be updating with my ILR process and approval soon! xx

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