Home Improvements

After putting it off for half a year, Dan and I finally got around to repainting our lounge.  Ever since we moved in the paint colour in the lounge/landing has been a bit of a mystery.  It looked peach in the daylight, sort of mocha colour in the evening, kind of pinkish in the afternoon, but ugly all the time.  We decided to steer away from neutrals after living in a cream and beige flat for 2 years and ended up going with a light blue and purple colour (a combination stolen from the Dulux inspiration page).  It reminded me of an Easter egg for a while, but I really like it now and it really freshened up the place.

The before:


And the after:

11015770_724277213156_2004254213_nMuch improved I think!  Next on the list is repainting the kitchen, but we might wait another 6 months before we try to tackle that, haha!

The beginning of January did bring some high-speed winds and half our fence ended up in the street.


Luckily, our friend, Chris, is a carpenter and came over one weekend and helped Dan set everything straight again.

2014-12-28 14.43.40I am definitely ready for warmer weather (although I can’t really complain looking at the current temperature in Minnesota), but we have had a few nice, sunny weekends!

Dan managed to get out kite surfing quite a bit.  He is currently shivering in a cold wetsuit in the kitchen getting ready to go out now.  And it’s just started raining so even better!  I got him a towel poncho and tea flask for Christmas so he can stay a bit warmer!

10991198_723904495086_3323971233720386405_nDan took me to a shop, American Fizz, that sells all kinds of American food yesterday.  I’ve been there before and it’s really overwhelming.  There’s all this food I’d forgotten about until I see it and need it, haha!  He got me quite a few very nice treats.

11002622_10100965255547347_8624407673199534695_nI am actually most excited about the pepperjack ranch dressing.  They must sell it somewhere, but I have not been able to find ranch in any of the major supermarkets!



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